"Engineering Athletes / Optimizing Performance"

Youth Performance Training (YPT)

At Iron City Elite we develop youth athletes by designing performance programs specifically to improve:

Strength - Increase total body strength to ensure athletes are more capable of decelerating, stabilizing their core and accelerating to dominate opponents

Power - Using a blend of plyometric and medicine ball exercises we create athletes that express power more effectively

Durability - Decrease incidence of injury and overcome the stressors of year round competition by resistance training to improve muscle imbalance and weaknesses

ConditioningPerform your best, late in the game, play to the buzzer with energy systems development designed with your position and sport-specific needs

Recovery and Nutrition - Soft tissue, mobility and flexibility work combined with nutritional basics to recover from training sessions and fuel game performance

All athlete’s are screened and assessed for movement and performance prior to training.  Sessions are grouped by developmental age to guarantee training is scaled to the participant’s chronological, physiological and training age.

Athletes are instructed on proper technique in a small group setting (minimum 8:1 athlete to coach ratio) from our performance coaches to ensure safety, efficiency and intensity during training sessions.

We offer year-round strength and conditioning options for both individuals and groups

Contact us today to learn about our team rate (8 or more athletes) or our small group promotions (4 or more athletes)