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Our Fitness Training programs at Iron City Elite are designed for those individuals seeking one-on-one attention with workouts and nutrition customization. Each individual is taken through a thorough assessment and screening evaluation to help us determine the best program and plan for the client’s goals and individual abilities. We pride ourselves with the fact that we can deliver customized and dedicated attention to our Fitness Training clients. Program amenities include (but are not limited to) the following: Individualized goal setting, recurring workout plans, on-going nutritional education and assistance, unique workouts designed for the client, exercise variety).

Small Group Personal Training (4-6 participants)

Build and Burn

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Small Group Personal Training

Experience our exclusive Build and Burn model that combines both resistance training and metabolic conditioning for tremendous increases in strength and fat loss.

Iron Strong

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Small Group Personal Training

Designed for the trainee who want to PR and gain strength, move better, and increase their overall fitness level together with a group of hard-working individuals

This group is open to both men and women



Built in accountability and support with daily information and coach interaction delivered directly to your smart phone via our exclusive app

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