What is Metabolic Conditioning?  It's the fastest way to stoke your metabolism, improve conditioning and burn fat!  We now know that spending countless hours on an elliptical like a hamster in a wheel is both boring and less effective than challenging your body with High Intensity Interval-Based Training (HIIT).  New to METCON's?  Start with our METCON 101 class to ensure you have the basic movements mastered prior to adding speed and complexity. 

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If you have breezed through METCON 101, have competency in the basic barbell lifts, know how to perform a proper hardstyle kettlebell swing, and are ready to push it to the next level, METCON ELITE is designed for you. 

Join us for 40+ minutes of a variety of METCON training styles, such as complexes, Tabata's, and timed circuits designed to challenge your body and your will...


METCON ELITE meets Monday's at 6:00 PM

Space is limited to 6 trainee's.

Contact us today to see if you have what it takes.

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