Mission Statement / Training Philosphy

Mission Statement

At Iron City Elite, it is our mission to provide high quality programs with an emphasis on personalized attention and instruction by blending performance science and expert coaching to achieve optimal results. 


Training Philosophy

The best performing athletes are built on a solid foundation of movement. At Iron City Elite  we are aware that to perform at the highest level athletes must address imbalance and weakness to truly realize high levels of core control, strength, power, and conditioning.  Iron City Elite delivers quality, results-driven individualized coaching and program design leading to expedited results.

We assess and screen each individual athlete using the functional movement screen (FMS).  This baseline ensures that the training foundation is broad and solid leading to increased performance gains.

To guarantee proper development, avoid burnout. and minimize injury risk, our performance programs are designed and prescribed based on current abilities (chronological and training age) to promote long term success.  

Our Performance Staff

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