Foundations I – A thorough introduction to important foundational movements required for higher levels of training and complexity.

Who: Boys and Girls ages 8-13 (both athletes and non-athletes)

Parents interested in increasing the physical activity and on-field/ice performance of their children, in a fun, safe, and structured learning environment.


The ages of 8-13 is an ideal time to begin a structured strength and conditioning program focusing on movement quality, exercise technique , psychological readiness and competency in all foundational metrics.    

Injury prevention component

All programs should have a prevention component built it.  We screen all participants to determine areas of asymmetry and deficiency and then work to correct poor mobility and stability issues resulting in improved movement.

Structured vs. Unstructured

The importance of having a qualified strength and conditioning professionalto provide supervision ensuring proper exercise selection and progression cannot be over stated.  Skipping steps, over progression, and poor program design can lead to reduced adherence to exercise, burn out, becoming slow and increased incidence of injury.

Program Length – 12 weeks / meeting once weekly (12 total session)

Time – TBD

Group Size – 10 participant maximum / 6 participant minimum